Defacto at Sage Africa Conference

Defacto are back at the Sage Africa Conference at the Champagne Resort in Drakensberg 6-9 February 2013.

Come to the Defacto sessions to see for the first time on show in South Africa, the DefCapture X3 Warehouse Management Solution.  Find out how DefCapture X3 can revolutionize your business.  Learn how DefCapture X3 can extend Sage ERP X3 into your warehouse and shop floor, provide bar code data capture and offer alternative fast-track data entry features customized to your business.  Using latest .NET technologies including HTLM5 and JQuery plus a robust SAFE X3 integration, we will explain how DefCapture can be introduced centrally with minimum business risk and lowest on-going cost of ownership.


Defacto and T3T are also  at the Global X3 Conference in Lisbon in May  - come and see us there!

Bar Coding for Sage on an iPad

Defacto launches DefCapture WMS solution iPad and iPhone users


Traditionally Warehouse Management (WMS) for Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 dictated large add-on systems and ruggedized mobile devices with built in scanners, both of which came with expensive price tags. This was the only real solution for warehouse management tasks. The launch of DefCapture in 2007 changed this by adding options to scan single Sage transactions in a simple, uncomplicated manner using work station based scanning as well as mobile devices and reduced the cost of warehouse management solutions on both fronts.

With iPhones and iPads now common in the work place, Defacto offers a DefCapture solution for these devices. Users can immediately benefit as there are no extra licence fees for additional devices added to a DefCapture solution. Coupled with device set-up taking less than five minutes and no more complex than accessing a Wireless network at McDonalds, users can readily use their existing iPhones and iPads as supplementary DefCapture mobile devices.

With the addition of the DefCapture Scanner for iPhone and iPad, product code, box, carton and pallet labels and bin locations can be directly scanned for fast and accurate data entry.



“We see the iPad as a very plausible device for Laboratories, Clean Areas and Offices and even Light Engineering environments. The fact that many users already carry an iPhone or iPad means access to Sage and DefCapture information can be achieved with minimal or zero additional cost”, explains Alec Willis, Managing Director of Defacto.


For more "hostile" environments, Defacto continues to recommend the Motorola Symbol MC91xx range of ruggedized mobile computer devices which are built from ergonomic materials for dependable use in almost any environment and can operate within a temperature range of -4° to 50° C.

A typical DefCapture installation can now include a mixture of rugged mobile devices, work station based devices and iPhones and iPads offering flexibility and lower investment.


Now, for the first time, solutions are available for Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 systems ranging from simple independent bar coded transactions right up to full Warehouse Management solutions with matching hardware solutions to suit any budget.  

Contact Defacto on 0114 255 8599 for more information.

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