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Using the intimate understanding of the Product Configurator module gained from key Defacto consultants leading the original design and development team, we probably have the widest experience of modelling and implementing Sage Configurator based solutions. Product Configuration projects typically involve a requirements gathering phase often involving management staff spanning all disciplines of the business. This is followed by consultation and design sessions where our team helps select and propose the best features from the Configurator tools. With the design agreed, the initial prototype is created.


One of the most powerful aspects of the Configuration module is that example screens and functionality can be produced very quickly and revised easily which significantly reduces modelling time. It is even possible to produce a mock-up to demonstrate the “look and feel” of the final solution and we can sometimes even do this in a few hours during the course of an initial demonstration. As the model and rules are defined with the module, the capacity for producing front-end solutions using the Sage Configuration is virtually unlimited.

Working closely with business partner, CPiO, we have produced a number of CTO solutions including a "Boiler Configurator" for Hamworthy Engineering, a "PVC Door configurator" for Portal Products and a "Frame and Door Configurator" for Homesafe.

We have created a "Bus Configurator" with business partner, Pinnacle, for a WrightBus in Northern Ireland from which they now generate all their design bills of material.

Working directly with Sage, we have configured Gear-Boxes for Flender, Desktop Computers for Tulip and Acer, and we have demonstrated how to produce configurators for publishing and mailshots for IDD and MMG and Wrapid and identity/access cards for 4DM.

Our configurator projects extend into South Africa and the Americas where we have helped Trellidor, produce a "Sliding Door System Configurator" and TMi to configure "Furniture Systems".

We can support existing systems if required and help with upgrades, platform ports and maintenance work.

Our consultants are also available to run training courses covering all aspects of the module.

Alec Willis also runs "Ask the Expert" white-board sessions periodically - contact us for details.

We often also construct hybrid solutions combining the power and database security of the Sage Configurator as the back-end tier with the richer user interface afforded by Microsoft controls from the .NET environments.


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