Enhanced Purchasing

Much more from the POP system.

The Defacto Enhanced POP module extends the feature set of the standard Sage module by including many new useful additions. The module can be used alongside the standard module with some options seamlessly replacing their Sage counter-parts.

Supplier quotations including up to six quantity-price breaks can be recorded and the Purchase Order Entry and Raise MRP Orders options can automatically derive the price appropriate for the quantity required.

Better features are available to manage order dates and price by date.

Suppliers can be put 'on-hold' preventing orders from being raised or printed. If more specific control is required, the purchase of specific parts can be authorized or prohibited from suppliers.

Supplier Accreditation details are maintained showing status and certification expiry and Purchase Order Entry is limited to authorized suppliers only. Suppliers can be 'superseded' when buying decisions are changed.

When orders are amended, the Revision Control system automatically tracks and audits the alterations by maintaining a change control history. Details of the changes can be printed on the Purchase Order Revision Print or can be forwarded to suppliers automatically using Sage Paperless, DbForm or a custom supplier portal.




Supplier Template Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Revision Control

Supplier-Part Price Breaks

Supplier Accreditation

Fast-Track Purchase Order Sub-Contracting

Supplier Quotation Management/Source of Supply

Automatic Delivery and Carriage Charges

Purchase Order Pricing by Date

Suspended/Superseded Suppliers

Suspended Stock

PO Schedule Print

PO Forced Completion

Purchase Order Notes and Extra Analysis


Standard template orders can be entered and then copied to create live orders.

A delivery and carriage charge sub-system will be available in 2007 which will automatically apply service charges to purchase orders to cover these items.

Bill of material information can be printed on goods receipt documentation to help with refurbishment environments.


A fast-track sub-contract sub-system is also included with the goods receiving process with a new back-flush feature to manage sub-contractor free-issue and consignment stocks.

Extra analysis fields and Technical Pages can be added to purchase orders as well as date and time stamped history logs which can be used to record order progression and correspondence.

New links form a tightly-coupled relationship with the Defacto Quality Management and Vendor Returns modules.

Company Updates

Defacto is ready for GDPR, some may not be!

We attended the Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville in May and met with Sage community partners discussing latest news and discussion with key Sage personnel. There was great interest in the Fusion Capture ad DefCapture warehouse management solutions > http://bit.ly/defcapture

We can confirm our ongoing support for all our Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 offerings into the 2020’s. Defacto backs (in line with) Sage Customer for Life > http://bit.ly/2ImT4Mx

Defacto has completed testing of the new releases of Zebra Android based mobile scanner terminals and approved the devices for use with its warehouse management and bar coding products - DefCapture for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 1000 and Fusion Capture for Sage Enterprise Management > http://bit.ly/defcapture

Defacto Solutions Limited wishes The Duke and Duchess of Sussex every happiness for their future


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21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis

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