Business Intelligence Dashboards for Sage

Powerful Business Management Information and KPI Scorecards from Sage

Dashboards from Defacto provides a means of visualizing Business Intelligence from the comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect business contained within the Sage database, including perspectives on customers, competitors, business partners, financial position and internal operations. Business Intelligence enables effective and good quality business decisions to be made and Dashboards from Defacto helps render strategic views of this management information.Image 

Sage provides the application and technology for gathering and processing enterprise-wide transactions. With Dashboards from Defacto you can now provide Business Intelligence perspectives from that underlying data. Harnessing the power of SQL Server and open Microsoft architectures, Dashboards from Defacto provides the integration to display standard management dashboards presenting vital real-time monitoring and decision making information straight from Sage. For more sophisticated solutions, Dashboards from Defacto empowers information workers to create tailored information portals giving critical visibility into all factors managed by Sage which are impacting the business.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help an organization define and measure progress towards organizational goals.  Once an organization has analyzed its mission, identified all its stakeholders and defined its goals, it needs a way to measure progress towards those goals. Key Performance Indicators are those measurements.

Image KPI Scorecards from Defacto provides integration to build standard KPI lists directly from the Sage host system and to present visualizations of any aspect of business performance managed by Sage. Custom KPIs can be created using the underlying analysis services and presented directly as part of an existing or new scorecard or dashboard. 

Standard KPI scorecards including the classical Financial, Customer and Internal Perspectives can be created along with views on Customer Service, Quality Management, and Vendor Relationship measures.

Mircrosoft Excel - the de facto BI Tool

Business Intelligence is increasingly sought by more and more individuals at all levels from pure consumers through to business power users. At all levels easy to use and familiar tools are currently employed, such as Microsoft Excel. In fact Excel has become the de facto business intelligence client today with a large investment in business knowledge contained within Excel worksheets. However Excel sheets are often copied around an organization and in the process modified with variations and even errors being introduced. Multiple versions of the truth are easily proliferated.

Do you want to...
Publish and view Excel Sheets, Pivot Tables and Charts to your Intranet?
Benefit from Business Knowledge being shared from a protected Central Repository with secure back-ups?


The Defacto products and consultants can help you achieve your business goals by

  • Providing a Business Intelligence Hub
  • Providing Template Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Creating Custom Dashboards
  • Personalizing the end-user Experience 


The dashboards and scorecards created with the Defacto BI products and linkware utilize widely used and supported Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server, and Office SharePoint Portal Server and supporting web services some of which are prerequisites to the solutions shown here.
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