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Defacto has been creating new module software for Sage since 1992 and has always sought to avoid the “Ivory Tower Development Syndrome”. Therefore during all new product development Defacto works with reseller and prospective end-user partners in the design and prototyping phases to ensure that real-life solutions are created.



Working Together..


As part of the new product introduction process, Defacto seeks two or three key end-user sites for the first installations. Being a test-site can be a doubled-edged sword. The first field trials of the software inevitably uncover omissions in functionality and minor defects and also generate ideas for additional functionality. Although this can sometimes have an element of inconvenience, the process is managed carefully to avoid any disruption to the end-user business. On the positive side, the test site is able to directly influence the final product features and often gain advantages from working closely with the design and release team.

At all times the emphasis is on team-work to ensure that the end-user receives the best software solution possible. Preferential maintenance and modification rates also form part of the Early Adopter programme benefits.

Company Updates

Cost Effective Bar coded data capture straight into Sage. Scan bar-coded transactions on wireless hand-held devices on-line in real time or off-line. DefCapture offers solutions for all bar coding needs such as scanning a single goods receipts right up to a full Warehouse Management system with location control, guided and min-max zone picking and full batch and lot tracking > http://bit.ly/2M8mXOn

Take Sage on the road for Proof of Delivery, Van Sales, Field Service Activity Recording including load planning, vehicle check, load check, delivery POD, sales and invoicing, in the field testing and results gathering and expenses and travel monitoring > http://bit.ly/2KbuhLw

Defacto offers support cover for every module and every bespoke project it ships > http://bit.ly/2OzURwW

The Defacto Quality Management module provides the means by which an organisation can analyse and manage its performance across its range of activities > https://goo.gl/SGFpVU

Dashboards from Defacto provides a means of visualising Business Intelligence from the comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect business contained within the Sage database > http://bit.ly/2I7f5ht


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21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis

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