CAD Integration with Sage

Link your Drawing Office with the ERP system and bring your CAD Bills of Material directly in Sage. Eliminate re-keying and save time and errors.

Bill of material information is regularly generated as part of the design process which is increasing achieved using a CAD or PDM platform. That same BOM data is valuable to the MRP and Product Planning system and invariably available by interrogating the CAD system.

The Flexible Bill of Materials Import module from Defacto provides a simple one-stop easily configured interface for integrating your CAD system to Sage and can be used with the Sage Line 500 and 1000 Bills of Materials or Product Management module.

The product has been used successfully to link Sage Line 500 with a number of CAD packages including AutoCAD, Cadnetix, TurboCad and Pro/Engineer and to also import legacy information from systems such as MAAPICS.

The module can handle user defined flat file formats with either delimited fields (CSV for example) or fixed width columns. A direct SQL interface is also available subject to the capabilities of the CAD system.




Within the module options are available to create assemblies, load and update component lists to existing assemblies and create new stock items automatically during the import run. Single-level and multi-level bills can be accommodated. All data items created conform to the Sage business rules. Full validation and audit functions are provided in report and diagnostic format.

For more sophisticated interfaces, the Defacto Universal Import module is also available. As well as providing similar Inventory, BOM and Route imports, this system also supports the creation, issuing and completion or works orders, various inventory transactions and a series of functions for managing sales order allocation and purchasing.




Defacto also supplies a WIP Tracking interface which allows Sage to be updated from Time Clock systems for clocking on and off of jobs at works centres and can form the hub of a shop floor data capture solution. The WIP Tracking also supports bar coding and real-time posting if required through the DefCapture module.

Our consultants are also available to discuss requirements and assist with the selection and implementation of the best solution.

Contact Defacto for details of its range of interface tools.



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