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Spring Clean your Inventory

Defacto has a new module which can clear down old and retired stock items along with their associated bill of materials and routes. Working from a list of stock codes the routine applies the standard Sage business logic rules for ensuring inventory items can be removed without compromising the database and then quickly and automatically updates the database. The list of stock codes can either be keyed and reviewed or prepared, for example, using the Report Writer from criteria such as last movement date or analysis codes.

Stock items can either be deleted completely or removed and saved to an archive store for subsequent retrieval.


The solution also includes a powerful Archive Enquiry facility which allows drill-down into stock details, stock history, batches, allocations, batch tracking data, bill of material details inclusion full explosion and route details. The Enquiry can also be used on live data too, providing an extremely useful one-stop Stock Enquiry console for Sage.

If archived stock, BOM and route details are needed again, they can easily be retrieved from the archive files.

In order to assist in clearing down old production data, the module offers two out-of-the-box analysis tools. The first is a Stock Obsolence report which identifies items which have not been used for a given period and also to user specified selection criteria. The second option provides a powerful bill of material Examination tool which scans the selected bill of material and returns a list of items which are unique to the bill and which may be archived at the same time as the bill. Both options can directly update the Stock Archive list to drive the clear down and archive automatically.

Company Updates

Defacto is ready for GDPR, some may not be!

We attended the Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville in May and met with Sage community partners discussing latest news and discussion with key Sage personnel. There was great interest in the Fusion Capture ad DefCapture warehouse management solutions >

We can confirm our ongoing support for all our Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 offerings into the 2020’s. Defacto backs (in line with) Sage Customer for Life >

Defacto has completed testing of the new releases of Zebra Android based mobile scanner terminals and approved the devices for use with its warehouse management and bar coding products - DefCapture for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 1000 and Fusion Capture for Sage Enterprise Management >

Defacto Solutions Limited wishes The Duke and Duchess of Sussex every happiness for their future


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21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis

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