DefCapture – Bar Coded Data Capture solutions for Sage 1000, Sage Line 500 and Sage X3


With today’s need for an agile supply chain, bar coded data capture can deliver improved speed and accuracy, decreasing employee time to process and overall transaction costs.


DefCapture from Defacto provides a flexible solution to bring bar coded data capture to the Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 and Sage X3 environments   



Aimed at companies who want to enjoy the improved data entry efficiency possible with bar codes out of the box without the expenditure and effort of installing and integrating a non-Sage third-party warehouse management system, DefCapture offers a simple yet flexible front-end to the Sage installation.

Benefit from:

Goods receipts - purchase order shortages can be immediately determined and check on the spot, rather than after items have been partially moved.   Critical parts can be routed to manufacturing immediately. 

Put-Aways in real time – as soon as items are put away, they immediately become available for sale or for manufacturing.

Sales Order Picking - select from multiple modes of picking and packing management including fully guided picking where the system leads the operator to the correct pick locations and confirms correct item selection.  More information on Picking modes.

Replenishments - keep pick faces ready with built-in shortage and replenishment management and overall warehouse husbandry.

Works Order Kitting and Completion - manage manufacturing processes using line side kitting, backflush, quality control and completion.   Guide the operator to pick or assemble and verify as the operator scans each part or subassembly correct specifications.

WIP Tracking - machine and resource utilization recording for real time visible of production progress.

Stock Counting - Periodic and Perpertual Inventory solutions using Location Guidance based on Sage Stock Take Cards.

Kan Ban management – as soon as items are issued, the system can report back stock below re-order level, request a stock count and initiate replenishment actions.

Despatch confirmation – with the system leading the operator to the correct pick locations and confirming correct item selection, accurate consignments can be quickly assembled and verified. 


The DefCapture architecture makes it is possible to start with a single transaction type and add further transaction types and devices as opportunities for efficient data entry are identified.  

Starting with a single-scanner Goods Inward system a system can  grow at the business’s own pace into a multi-scanner, multi-transaction suite supporting Production, WiP and Stock Taking.

Alternatively a full and comprehensive end-to-end Warehouse Management System can be specified from the outset.  In this scenarios, a DefCapture implementation still offers the option to introduce functionality step-by-step which reduces risk and allows for easier management of the project.


All options can easily be configured to provide pre-defined and terminology to it is possible quickly create a customized solution to match the business.  For example a "Secure Cage Issue" option can be configured by pre-setting the location of the "Secure Cage" and changing the menu text to match the terms used in the business.  Options can then be deployed and controlled on a per-user basis.

Hardware solutions can include mobile devices such as handheld scanners linked using the common wireless standards 802.11b/g for portable data capture in real-time, as well as fixed scanners, web clients and existing Sage PCs.  

Wireless Tablets offering large colour screens can be carried asminiature management dashboards. Established brand name devices such as the Zebra (Motorola) range can be utilized with the DefCapture.   These devices included traditional guns as well as wearable terminales.

Defacto demonstrated the use of an Apple iPad for Warehouse Picking and Management at a recent conference.

Android devices may also be used.

Defacto recommends Zebra wireless infrastructure and devices which yield the benefit of pre-emptive roaming and power management.  We can arrange for our hardware specifical team to conduct a site survey to assess requirements.





Underpinned by the proven technology of the Defacto Universal Interface module, DefCapture provides a validated and safe interface to manipulate the Sage database from an external third party source.  Developers can therefore work in a "managed" environment producing solutions based on the Sage business objects exposed by the interface.  

System Integrators and IT Departments can also use the underlying .NET framework which the module delivers to extend and develop custom user interfaces on Windows CE  and Windows Mobile devices to handle specific bar code entry requirements;  the solution is flexible and extensible. 


DefCapture provides bar coded data entry of a wide range of transactions within the Sage environment.   The solution can handle inventory transactions including sales picking and order despatch and purchase order receipt and put-away, as well as stock take and ad hoc adjustments, bin to bin and inter-warehouse movements. 

Support is also available for the manufacturing environment for Works Order Issue and Completion, and WIP Tracking including Stop-Start Postings through the Defacto WIP Stop-Start module.   







PhotoScribe recently demonstrated how to read a bar code that had been inscribed on the girdle of a diamond.

The Defacto products are being continually developed and some features may vary from the descriptions above. 

These products require Microsoft Internet Information Server and Sage 1000 or Sage Line 500 or running the Defacto Universal Interface module on a Windows .NET 2.0 platform.  DefCaptureX3 is alos available for Sage X3 solutions.  

An 802.11b/g wireless infrastructure is also required for hand-held device communication. 

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