MRP Rescheduling

Automatically update Sage Works Orders and Purchase Orders from MRP Rescheduling Recommendations

The Sage Material Requirements Planning module makes recommendations to raise new orders and provides a start-to-finish system for printing, adjusting and raising the new orders.

The Sage system is also capable of making reschedule recommendations including:

  • Increase order quantity
  • Decrease order quantity
  • Expedite required date
  • Delay required date
  • Cancel order

Once the recommendations have been made they can be printed.


The Defacto Action MRP Reschedule Recommendations module provides additional functionality to support the automatic adjustment of works orders and purchase orders according to the recommended changes.

The option provides selection criteria allowing the choice of five types of adjustment for either works order or purchases orders of both. The selection recommendations are then displayed and options to hold or approve a single recommendation or all recommendations are available.

Once the recommendations have been approved the system will automatically update the works order and purchase order and change the quantities and dates as specified maintaining the due in and allocation records on the inventory system.

The default hold and approve status functionality is available to mimic the Sage Raise Orders function.

The list of adjustments which have been made can be printed. In addition, an Audit File is also produced recording the changes made. The Audit File can then be used to provide interfaces to external parties such as a driver for EDI export, a link to shop floor systems or source data for a web-based supplier portal.


If the Enhanced POP module also from Defacto is deployed, the price for purchase order lines can be automatically adjusted according to qty-price break tables to ensure that the buying-power is used to minimize costs. Purchase Order can also be reprinted with the revisions high-lighted using the Purchase Order Revision Control features of the module.


Company Updates

Defacto is ready for GDPR, some may not be!

We attended the Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville in May and met with Sage community partners discussing latest news and discussion with key Sage personnel. There was great interest in the Fusion Capture ad DefCapture warehouse management solutions >

We can confirm our ongoing support for all our Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 offerings into the 2020’s. Defacto backs (in line with) Sage Customer for Life >

Defacto has completed testing of the new releases of Zebra Android based mobile scanner terminals and approved the devices for use with its warehouse management and bar coding products - DefCapture for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 1000 and Fusion Capture for Sage Enterprise Management >

Defacto Solutions Limited wishes The Duke and Duchess of Sussex every happiness for their future


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21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis

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