Universal Import

Specifically aimed at electronic order capture and inventory mirroring, the Universal Import module provides a gateway tool for integrating Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500 with Point of Sale, Web Sales Portals, Configuration Front-Ends, CRM Products, Third-Party Manufacturing systems and Carousel and Warehouse Management systems. The module can equally provide a means of inter- and intra- business to business solutions using EDI techniques.

Due to the innovative design of the import formats, the interface is configurable and offers full control of transaction information while shielding the third-party system from the complex business logic of the Sage products which means reliable and robust integration can be achieved. The module can accept input from either an ASCII file for fully configurable user-defined formats or by populating an SQL command table which is then processed by a server option.


Connecting Systems Together

Defacto has announced that Web Service integration will be available from Q3 2007.


Input data can be as simple as customer, stock code and quantity in order to create a sales order or can include all the Sage data which can be keyed in to the standard Sage Order Entry option. Credit Notes can also be created from the same input format. The module can create new inventory items and services and add these as well as existing items to create sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and works orders.

Once created, sales orders can be despatched purchase orders receipted and works orders can be issued or completed, all from an external command.

For Point of Sale, cash batches representing cash collected at the till - can be imported using the same module. Purchases can be generated and GRNs can then be booked against them.

Stock transactions including Stock GRN, Production Receipt, Sales Despatch, Production Issue, Inter-warehouse and Bin-to-Bin Transfer can all be automated in the same fashion.

The module can also be configured as the hub and Sage Interface for shop floor data capture systems where it can be used to provide connections to hand held devices and third-party plants. In this mode mobile devices can be used to collect Goods Receipt, Stock Take Count, Inspection Results and Kan Ban data.



An example using hand held devices from Symbol. PocketPC technology is an alternative.

Commands can be submitted using the Web Services Interface available from Q1 2007.

The Web Services interface requires a server supporting Microsoft Internet Information Server and SQL Server.


The Universal Import can provide a Sage interface to a Carousel machine so the Sage Inventory management system can automatically track the contents of the bins within the Carousel.

As a standard offering from Defacto, the module will continue to be developed so that it will track the Sage Road-Map maintaining compatibility thereby protecting the investment of the interface.

When processing Inventory movements, powerful batch filtering can be applied to select serial number, lot number and batch and bin locations. Full support for integrating external ERP transactions is possible using the module.

In Server mode, a process scans the input command line periodically, processes the requests and reports the outcome through a responses table.

Universal Import can connect regional business units.


The module tracks the Sage Roadmap maintaining compatibility and therefore protecting investment.



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