Quality Management

The Defacto Quality Management module provides the means by which an organization can analyze and manage its performance across its range of activities.

It offers a framework upon which a quality management program can be implemented enabling an organization to capture vital data relating to quality events such as pass/fail test results, rejects and failures and success rates. The facilities available in the module can help an organization meet certification requirements (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, AS9100, and/or TL-9000 or other system standards and promote organization-wide improvement).


Information can be gathered from the Warehouse, Goods Inwards, Shop Floor, Production and Laboratory and also from external Sub-Contractors. Full analysis of each quality event can be recorded and speed of entry is ensured through the optional use of templates. Each Quality Event can automatically trigger a Corrective Action to initiate remedial action. This Corrective Action can then be tracked through user-defined process steps to completion and implementation.


In this way, continual improvement can be achieved by managing quality issues from the point of initially recording the problem right through the process of implementing a remedy and on to final sign-off of a satisfactory resolution. The entire process can be monitored form a management console display key events and measures in "dash board" format.


Sage 1000 MME Dashboard integration is available as well as solutions utilizing industry standard Microsoft Sharepoint and Reporting Services foundations.

By providing key analysis and feedback on processes and events, the module enables managers, leaders and their teams to recognize use and improve their management systems and processes for adding value and preventing loss faster than their competitors.

Key Performance Indicators for delivery against planned date and failures per batch are more easily visualized using dash board technology.


The goods inwards and production receipts monitoring features within the module offer full sampling plans with the capability of automating the generation of sample taking instructions and bar-code labels. Samples can then be inspected and tested and outcomes recorded within the module. An organization can define product specific inspection cycles, samples sizes, pack sampling strategies, acceptable quality levels (AQLs) and then track inspection results for production and receipts recording product quality on an internal or vendor per batch basis.

If required, the sampling system fully integrates with the Defacto Testing module which extends the features and support for managing testing requirement from stringent laboratory environments through to computerized software test plans. Test results can be entered manually, bar-coded or collected electronically and are recorded against test plans which may be generated from standard test plans.

With this fully integrated solution, test or inspection passes can automatically release Sage inventory batches, set user defined batch status (Version 6.0 Sage) and create Certificates of Assurance carrying the test result information.

Likewise, test or inspection failures can generate re-tests and remedial actions and initiate corrective actions starting with a Reject Note.


Reject Notes from within the Quality Management module can integrate with the Defacto Vendor Returns module to automatically generate Return Notes and provide a direct feedback and analysis of purchase goods inwards rejects and vendor performance measures.


The module also contains a Standards sub-system which handles the introduction and on-going management of product, component and raw materials specifications with customers and suppliers. The entire life-cycle of each specification document can be managed and the review, acceptance or rejection process is fully audited at each stage.


The open database architecture means that enquires and reports can be easily created and customized to build enquiries, web portals, dashboards and management consoles. The module includes examples such as Fault Type Analysis and Results Trends, Week-on-Week Quality Charts and Period Open/Closed Logs. For Sage 1000, MME Dashboards are available for Quality Management and Vendor Returns.



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