Case Studies

Net-Change MRP at Wrightbus

Wrightbus in Northern Ireland is planning to expand its PSV Bus business and manufacture and ship 1000 buses over the next two years. The buses will be produced in the Ballymena plant on a flow line with many of materials being pre-picked onto custom-built “trains” and ferried to the line “just in time”. In order to maintain tight control of the materials, Wrightbus tag all key purchased items to the specific target bus. There are over a thousand such parts to each bus. This presents a challenge for the MRP and Receiving processes within Sage. Partnering with Wrightbus, Defacto has developed a custom MRP engine and dove-tailed this into the MPS and POP systems already in use.  



Wrightbus now specify the serial number of each bus to be produced at the MPS level. The MRP process then tags this serial number throughout the various levels of works order down to piece part level. When the modified MRP raises recommendation, the purchase order lines are consolidated supplier and bus and tagged with each individual bus serial number.


Upon receipt, the bus number can be identified and the bar coded receiving system can automatically identify the correct stores location for initial storage.    Image

Subsequently materials are kitted and delivered to the point of use in the flow line. One of the significant advances now being realized by this custom MRP system is a Net Change feature. If the MPS required date is changed for a specific serial-numbered bus, then the tagging allows the entire production network, works order and purchase orders for that one bus to be re-planned and reported without affecting the plan for the rest of the production on the line.

Martin Graham, IT Manager at Wrightbus acknowledges that "Defacto are a key partner in our business, and continue to work with us and help us to develop innovative solutions to complex business problems."


Configure to Order at TMi


When TMI Systems Design Corp. in Dickinson, North Dakota implemented the Sage ERP system they had a problem. Having invested in a custom solution to manage their casework and furniture products, they needed a way to translate their engineering data into inventory component requirements and order demand in the new system. Working closely with TMi, Defacto and TMi used the Sage Configuration product to create an interface between the existing in-house knowledge base and the Sage order processing system. This hybrid gives TMi a best of breed solution while protecting the investments already made. Defacto has extensive experience with the Product Configurator module and has extensive experience from 15 years of implementation work.


Universal Import provides Integration at Araco

The Universal Import module is successfully deployed at Araco to manage the interface between the new Sage system and existing third-party warehousing and manufacturing planning systems at two sites. Using Purchase Order generation, Receipting and Production Issues and Completion and automated Sales Order Despatching, the Sage system remains aware of the status of inventory and production data within the third-party systems.


Product Management Extensions


At Agen Biomedical in Brisbane a Defacto extension to the Product Management module provides tighter security and auditing using electronic signatures for sign-offs. The Defacto team are happy to discuss your requirements to extend standard Sage functionality and all our proposals include a detailed specification explaining exactly what we recommend.




The Sage Product Management module helps Corin meet FDA requirements for change control and auditing allowing them to expand sales in to the US market place. Specific engineering requirements were provided using a Defacto add-on module and some custom tailoring. Explore opportunities to move into new market places using Defacto add-ons for the Sage enterprise systems. 




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