QMS Key Performance Suite for Sage ERP 1000

QMS – A Tiered Quality Management System for Sage ERP 1000 

Image Quality is built in by design.  Choose the features and functionality your organization needs from...  

Goods, Bulk, Intermediate and Production inwards Inspection Control and Testing

Standard Tests and Expected Outcomes, Standard Test Plans, Test Regimes

Automatic Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) and Automatic Sample Sizing

Automatic Tight-Normal-Reduced Transitions

Test Scheduling, Work-to Lists, Time and Motion and Costing

One-result, Multiple Result, Stability and Interval Testing

Hazardous Item, Classified Drugs and Licenced Certification support

Fault Recording and Remedial Actions Resolution management

Multi-level Heat Number and Certificate Tracking, Searching and Documentation

Internal, Customer and Supplier Standards Management

Laboratory Equipment Maintenance, Calibration and Auditing 

The features above can be installed separately or as an integrated suite and in full configuration with Sage ERP 1000 v3.0. 

Make more time with Defacto Key Performance Suites for Sage 1000 ERP


The Defacto QMS Key Performance Suite can provide a solution for Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the chemical, food, drugs and contract laboratory industry sectors.  

The QMS Suite also integrates with the Supplier Relationship Suite to return better analysis of product quality.



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21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis
21 May 2018 / Alec Willis

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