DefCapture Goes World Wide

Worldwide Acceptance for Defacto’s Bar Coding Data Capture Solution for Sage 

As three quite different bar coding implementations go live across the globe, Defacto reflects upon recent successes with DefCapture – the fastest growing bar coded data capture product for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500. 

 Image "Our latest installations have added referenceable sites across a range of bar coding scenarios showing the flexibility and depth of the DefCapture product; large item full warehouse management for the largest furniture distributor in South Africa, Medical Supplies with specific lot number and expiry date needs, Electronic equipment with testing and serial number tracking, and specialist installations including Vodacom very large number of serialized items – SIM cards."  

DefCapture Installations now span three of the four major continents including multiple sites in North America, Australasia, Africa.

With three new installations already scheduled for Q1 and a strong and growing UK pipeline and increasing interest from overseas, Defacto’s Business Development Manager, Nigel Tyrrell, explains where the success has come from.  



30 Scanners waiting to go on-line.   

Additional scanners can be set-up in a matter of minutes needing only wireless and web address parameters to be configured.  This can be done by the warehouse IT team reducing cost of ownership.  Defacto make no extra software of configuration charges for extra scanners.

 “Until DefCapture, bar coded data capture solutions for Sage Line 500 were limited to non-Sage products with the down-side of integration issues arising from non-alike systems which had to make direct unguarded updates to the Sage database using raw database commands. Defacto launched DefCapture in 2008, and for first time a product was available specifically written using Sage libraries to protect the business logic and database. Supported by an accredited Sage developer, DefCapture is fully interoperable with Sage whether a client wants a single GRN transaction or a full warehouse management solution. DefCapture uses no proprietary databases, no duplication of data, makes immediate and real-time validation and updates to Sage and needs no synchronization routines. It can run alongside Sage as it does exactly what Sage does, except through an optimized bar coded hand-held interface. All transactions use Sage terminology and Sage data and are entirely familiar to end users and obey Sage system keys and projects.” 

Nigel also explains, “Our business partners and customers alike were excited by the standard product and the knowledge that as the world’s leading Line 500 developer, Defacto also offered tailoring and customization services at a fraction of the cost with shorter timescales than other solutions. When you also look at the development Road Map, the fact that Defacto already have on-line and off-line solutions from the one stable, we have what we feel is a unique offering.” 

Labels and Bar-coded Documentation can be printed in various formats making use of Version One DbForm.


Why install a bar coded solution - click here to read the benefits...

DefCapture Installations now span three of the four major continents including multiple sites in North America, Australasia, Africa.


Full Warehouse Management becomes possible with DefCapture.

Alec Willis, Managing Director of Defacto, added, “We have had a fantastic year growing our DefCapture business and am I particularly pleased with the support from our partners  in the four corners of the world. The last eighteen months has seen a considerable investment by our overseas business partner community in training and familiarization with the product and intensive visits from the Defacto team working long hours with our associates.  

A key 2010 initiative at Defacto Solutions is to get as many Resellers and independent Sage Consultants to take the DefCapture Implementation Accreditation Programme.

Our partners in Africa and Australasia worked very hard last year to ensure the successful installation of first sites in their local territories. Times 3 Technologies in Johnannesburg were the first to undertake the training programme in Africa and have shown great commitment to the product. Together the first project was succesfully completed from start to finish in under three months.

We are also delighted to congratulate Inecom in developing sites to references status which means that Inecom can now confidently approach their pipeline of customers who have been waiting in the wings to take on DefCapture. 


Ashley Ellington of T3T, one of our First African DefCapture Business Partners, conducts a Warehouse Location Planning Meeting.

DefCapture No. 1 in Africa... 

Our business partners in turn have recognized Defacto as a company which can and does deliver future-proofed world class solutions. 

“DefCapture runs on a hardware independent platform using Microsoft .NET Framework for the presentation layer. This means we can rapidly change the user interface and any process work flows for the hand held devices while continuing to benefit from proven Sage Update/Transaction code implemented within our robust under carriage” details Marcus Kendrew, Lead Developer for DefCapture. “This hybrid approach means we have produced a very flexible yet robust bar coding solution for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500.”

We have succesfully provided adaptations to DefCapture installation which are now running in various sites in the UK. DefCapture is Flexible... read more

We have an installation in Ireland, America and The Netherlands which demonstrates that DefCapture mirrors the Sage capability for running over a Wide Area Networks.  

We already have sites planned for installation from January to April 2010 and we're exicited about the massive interest in the product. 

We're also launching our DefCapture Offline product too which will enable customers to choose between wireless real-time of remote off-line updates using the same system.




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