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Defacto has strengthened its development and support team adding two more software specialists following recent growth and a comprehensive business process review.   Image

Defacto has continued to grow steadily despite the uncertain UK market place following BREXIT.    “Our investment in generating overseas markets in Australasia and Africa has protected us to a certain extent from the unsure UK market place”, explains Business Development Manager, Nigel Tyrrell.   “Coupled to this, we have seen increasing interest and rising revenues from products like DefCapture, our bar coding solution for Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000.”Following a business review last year when Defacto invited external consultants to examine its entire operation, the company has acted upon the findings and appointed additional development and support resources.

“We now have both a developer and business consultant based along the M4 corridor which means we can offer technical consultancy, technical support and developer skills more effectively to businesses in the south of the country.” 

Marcus Kendrew, added, “An increasing number of our sites are based in the South of England so it has benefited us to station new resources to serve that area of the country.  At the same time we have added extra resource at our HQ in Sheffield.”  

Reduced travelling times to site means Defacto can offer faster response times, local support and reduced costs to its customers.  Defacto has also invested heavily in upgrading its communication infra-structure providing faster remote access facilities for support and diagnosis purposes and permanent secure wide area network links.  The company has also adopted the Apple iPhone as its standard for mobile communication.  

Alec Willis confirmed, “The new infra-structure and resources are fundamental and timely to ensuring our success in providing upgrades for the Sage ERP 1000 v3.0 launch in July.    We are preparing three brand new Key Performance Suites for Sage ERP 1000 including DefCapture ERP1000, Quality Point and LIMS and Supplier Relationship Management.  All these modules focus of the three key themes promoted by the Sage product:  Usability, Integration and Management Information.”

DefCapture 1000 is being launched with the option to choose from upgrades to add top-end WMS features including order consolidation and optimization, seven modes of Sales Order Picking and Despatch, Palletization, Packing Lists and Pallet Labelling, customer-specific EDI Advanced Shipment Notification interfaces, dynamic locations and Inter-leaved Put-Away-Replenishment-Perpetual Inventory. 

Quality Point and LIMS sees the launch of new fast track result entry features, Find and Do functions, Enterprise-wide Quality monitoring and comes bundled with the Universal Interface options for Test Plan, Inspection and Check List creation, Result Acquisition and Test Plan status, approval and sign-off interfaces.

Supplier Relationship Management will offer enhanced Purchase Order processing, Comprehensive Supplier Returns Cycle Management, Vendor Rating and Performance Analysis and an optional Vendor Portal.


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